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Defense 101

Post  agamemnon on Wed Mar 17, 2010 5:32 pm

Defense 101
*****Building up your defenses*****

Hi everyone,

We must ensure our defenses are strong and can withstand attack from powerful players & alliances. I'd like to outline the methods that can be employed to ensure strong defenses.

This is top priority, a good defense will deter potential attackers and you will likely never be attacked if you follow these methods.

1. Town Wall: This is the first line of defense and the most important 'weapon' that can be used in defense. A high Town Wall level gives your troops stationed on that town a defense bonus. A level 24 town wall gives your troops a 240% defense bonus! That is, a military unit that has a base defense strength of 100 would have a defense score of 340, if your town were to be attacked. Aim to reach a level 24 or higher town wall as soon as possible!

2. Defensive Troops: At lower levels, the Phalanx is the best defense weapon. Not suited for offense, this unit gives you the highest defense for the money. They are however used in large numbewrs during offensive maneuvers as well, because they have high stamina. When you build troops, choose Phalanx for defense, along with Gunmen and Bombardiers for offense.

3. Workshop Upgrades: Ensure you save your crystal and research all the upgrades in the workshop for the troops you choose. This will give them a strong defense and offense bonus.

4. Academy Research: Research all items related to military; they help reduce the cost. The higher level weaponry is best, aim to get them as soon as you can. Phalanx, Steam Giants, Gunmen & Bombardiers.

5. Suggested Defense troops: In addition to a high town wall level, ensure you have the following troops in EACH of your towns (minimum):
*100 Phalanx
*25 Steam Giants, 100 Gunmen
For a great offense/defense combination of troops, build both Gunmen and Phalanx.

6. Maintain a doctor and cook in each of your towns; Doctors help heal your troops’ so they can fight longer and Cooks are useful to keep the troops’ stamina levels up. This is at the minimum suggested, the more the merrier.

7. Spies/Hideout: If you have 25 spies per town working in the defense of the town, other players will have a tough time sending spies to your town, they will have a 95% chance of being discovered. Highly recommended.

8. Use your resources! Stockpiling them will make you a target for powerful players. Upgrade your buildings as much as you can.

9. Donate to the Island’s resource mills. Not donating is a sure-fire way of being attacked. We at LEX PAX have a clear rule about this. If a member is attacked because he/she has not donated, we will not support these members and may kick them out of the alliance to prevent innocent members from being attacked as well, if the issue transforms into an alliance war.

10. At a minimum, build one Ballista ship to be permanently stationed at each one of your ports. Doing this will give you an extra layer of protection' you will be forewarned since a potential attacker has to first get past that Ballista, unless he/she is attacking by land. This also forces an attacker to use of two of his action points just to get to your town.

11. At lower levels, Ballista ships offer the best defense; they come with a defense bonus. At higher levels, Mortar Ships, Catapults and Diving boats offer the best defense.

Do let me know if you have questions or suggestions.

Glory to LEX PAX!


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