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Economy 101

Post  agamemnon on Wed Mar 17, 2010 5:34 pm

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Post airfoil on Tue Nov 04, 2008 9:06 am

To play this game to the fullest, one needs a strong army. Both for defense and offense, as game play dictates.

A strong army costs a lot of money to maintain though, becoming a big drain on your finances. To able to sustain the army for indefinite amounts of time, we need towns that are self-sufficient with respect to the amount of gold they generate per hour.

Sure, we can get gold by trading and pillaging as well – but we need to be self-sufficient even while sitting still.

So, what generates this gold? People! An idle citizen in any town generates 4 gold per hour. So, very simply put, a High Level Town Hall will support a large number of citizens, many of whom can be left idle to generate income for the Town.

For this reason, it is recommended to all LEX PAX members that you strive to upgrade your towns AT LEAST to level 18. Level 18 towns support 1617 citizens (capitals support 1667). Potentially, that is an income of 1617 * 4 = 6468 gold per hour, per town if you keep all citizens idle.

So, how do you grow your citizens fast enough? By keeping them happy – giving them wine and displaying cultural goods in your museums to increase satisfaction.

Level 10 Taverns and Level 8 Museums will together maintain a stable population in your Level18 Town Halls. Based on the yield from your Vineyards, you can upgrade your Town Halls cautiously beyond Level 18. Cautiously, because you don’t want to be unable to supply wine fast enough to your citizens and let the Taverns run dry! You want to be able to supply enough wine for at least five level 18 towns, that is, 165 wine per hour for five towns. You also want to have some wine left over for upgrades.
Upgrading Museums past Level 8 is expensive, each upgrade costs 57,709 Wood and 25,648 Marble (even after significant research savings from the academy). Perform these upgrades at a later stage when you can afford them!

It is therefore a highly recommended must-do for all LEX PAX members, at the minimum:

1. Upgrade your town halls to level 18
2. Upgrade your taverns to level 10, that is 33 wine per hour consumption
3. Upgrade each of your museums to level 8

All in all, do not bite off more than you can chew, build your army based on the amount of income generated by your towns. Accumulate your gold, because in a war, costs shoot up to double for your army.

Island Resources:
It is important to donate generous amounts of wood to your island's Vineyard, Marble Pit, Crystal Mine, Sulphur pit and Sawmill. This raises their levels allowing you a higher yield per hour, which in turn supports faster all-round development. Not donating enough will lead to your own game slowing down due to lack of resources, plus your being attacked by other players for 'Leeching'.
As the game progresses, you need HUGE amounts of Wood, Marble, Crystal and Wine, in that order. By donating regularly, you are in effect preparing yourself better for the demands in the later stages of this game.

It is important to build and upgrade the Governor's Residence in each new town to match the same level as your Palace. Corruption will rob you of resources and decrease satisfaction levels in your towns, slowing development. If you want to plant a new Colony, try to upgrade all your Governor's residences before you upgrade your palace, so there is no corruption on any of your existing towns when you plant a new Colony.

1. Town Hall: 18
2. Town Wall: 24
3. Barracks: 20
4. Shipyard: 16
5. Academy: 14
6. Trading Port: 4
7. Warehouse: 17
8. Workshop: 15
9. Palace / Governor's residence: 4 (supports 5 islands)
10. Trading Post: 9
11. Hideout: 10
12. Tavern: 10
13. Museum: 8

Build your workshop on a crystal island, it needs crystal to research upgrades for your military.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!

Glory to LEX PAX!
(credit to airfoil)


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