Most Usable Tips for New Members

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Most Usable Tips for New Members

Post  Shameem2 on Fri Apr 02, 2010 5:45 pm

remember in the beginning building just takes minutes to a few hours, so it would be good if u logged in fairly often, if only to just upgrade. later on once upgrades take 5hrs+, you can log in less.

as a quick guide
ure first town aim for

warehouse-lvl 5
town hall- lvl 15
tavern-lvl5(or whatever to support your population)
academy-lvl 10(for research-on crystal island only)
hideout-lvl 10
wall-lvl 5

then work on

workshop(on crystal island only)

The first 4 towns are really easy to get, make sure you get one of each resources town, each time u get a new town, upgrade all your palaces/gov residence to the same level as the number of towns to avoid corruption

as you start to develop, for each town build the building that increases your goods harvest, i.e. for a marble town, build a stone mason....

don’t forget about academies, build one on a crystal island, u need to do your research fast, i think it takes about 6 months on average to finish all research



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